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Report of 2nd AAJST videoconference meeting of 04 July 2021

As of July 04, 2021, AAJST held an online meeting. the agenda was:

  • Welcome from the President and reminder of the presentation and objectives of the AAJST

  • Presentation of the members of the Association, organization chart, brief presentation of their person, their contribution and their role and activities within the association and in their geographical area

  • Round table, speech to internal and external stakeholders and presentation of their activities


  • 42 participants registered, around thirty were able to connect and participate

  • Madam Zhaira Chabane (Research, Education and Training), Mrs Rashidi Salumu (President), Bouzid Ezzedine (Scientific Research), Antoine Koffi (International Relations and Media) and Blaise Nonga (Secretary General) all active AAJST members spoke.

  • Conclusion of the Chairman and presentation of the next short-term actions.


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