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Extra-ordinary Zoom meeting, this Sunday, December 12, guest Mr. Guy JAOUEN, President of the ITSGA

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

On December 12, 2021, the AAJST Standing committee held an online meeting with the president of the ITSGA (International traditional sports and games association) as a guest.

the agenda was

  • Welcome from the President of the AAJST

  • introduction of AAJST members and of ITSGA, our partner

  • Guest speech and presentation on the following topics::

    1. What is ITSGA

  1. A project of society between sport and culture

  2. European cooperation programs - Funding of international projects

  3. European project “Plays with your heart, share your culture "

  4. perspectives for indigenous sports : ICH convention of UNESCO: declaration of Verona and introduction of indigenous Sports in the school system

  5. The newERASMUS + Sport programme Challenges and opportunities for TSG

  6. The perspectives and importance of the partnership from the President of AAJST

Finally, round table discussion and intervention by each participant

  • Madame Zhaira Chabane (Research, Education, Training), Tunisia

  • Mr. Bouzid Ezzedine (Scientific research), Tunisia

  • Mr. Amisi, new member, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Blaise Nonga (Secretary General), Cameroun

  • Mr. Léon KOKO AAJST ( AAJST audio-visual, media and documentation coordinator ), Ivory Coast

  • Mr. Judicaël (new member), Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Mr Rashidi Salumu (President), Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Antoine Koffi (AAJST Vice-President in charge of International Relations and Media), Ivory Coast

  • Conclusion and closing Mr. Rashidi Salumu, President AAJST and presentation of the next short-term actions.


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