( HASSANE, Benin ) Voyage à destination de la ville de Atakpame, TOGO et faire connaitre AAJST

Good evening dear Professor Bouzid Ezzeddine

I am very happy to answer your very worrying questions.

My trip to the city of Atakpame reveals several hats of my modest person:

  • President league of two departments Atacora and Donga of the Beninese federation of the game Adji (FEBEJA)

  • Technical Director for Youth AAJST

  • Technical Director AAJST West Africa area.

Objectives of this trip are summarized as follows:

  • Let the actors know what AAJST is?

  • What is AAJST doing culturally, sporting, educational and social

  • AAJST projects in the near future.

  • Renewed trust between Benin and Togo for good integration of indigenous peoples.

  The inhabitants of the city of ATAKPAME are mostly (Ife) coming from Nigeria crossing Benin.

Their dialect is very close to the Yoruba of Nigeria. The Ife people are found in Nigeria, Benin, Togo.

   Wherever they settle, they create homes of the Awale Game.

The Awale Foyer of "Gnagna" exists more than 50 years ago and has more than 50 players today.

The age of the players is between 20 to 75 years.

Only the men play Awale at Atakpame.They are full of talents extraordinary, experienced.The fair play is anchored in them all, it is very easy to make the finding with their way to tease each other.

No limit, neither reserve in the joke.

45% of the players are average officials, economic operators,

25% are elderly (retired),

The 30% represent the youth (students, high school students, workers, craftsmen)

In sum, it is a home of inter-generational distraction of the city. This is briefly the summary of my trip           I will send you the images and videos of Awale games.


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