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2nd European forum for traditional games and sports

Updated: May 19, 2021

From Dr. PERE LAVEGA, Président of AEJeST

Dear Joseph, president of the AAJST,

Thank you very much for your words. The second edition of the European JST Forum deserves a positive evaluation. We have confirmed that we can be in direct contact with organizations and people from different continents. However, the organizing committee put a lot of effort into achieving this. Symbolically, we have shown that we want to move forward with other friendly organizations, like the AWSYC and also the WEC.

The 14 speakers showed the diversity of the JST, federations, museums, associations, training centers, universities were the protagonists.

Thank you very much on behalf of AEJeST and

INEFC who collaborated institutionally in this event.

From Mr. Joseph RASHIDI, Président of AAJST

My dear friends

Thank you for your warm words on the occasion of our participation in the 2nd European forum of traditional games and sports, with these attendees :

gentlemen presidents

  • of WEC Bilal Erdogan

  • of ITSGA Mr. Guy Jaouen

  • our eminent colleagues Ezzedine

  • Madame Zhaira

  • Lembe Judicael

  • and more than 100 other heads of national and regional associations around the world.

We have succinctly presented our organization by trying to share and transmit the essence of our objectives, the vision, the means of implementation and the official administrative structure of the AAJST.

We also talked about our next African forum of traditional games and sports, of digital as a new tool for promotion, development, communication, our project of inventory, awareness, training, identification, census, evaluation and monitoring of traditional games and sports. I would like to thank our friends who managed to participate and those who could not be present due to the various imperatives or constraints.

You were validly represented.

Let us keep this momentum of solidarity in the union to move forward together with our differences and our similarities for the general interest of our African continent in this sector of traditional games and sports.

God bless Africa


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