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Dear  AAJST members,

Dear partners and visitors,

In order to make the most of this website of our Association, we strongly recommend the following solutions:

  • register on the site by making a request that will be approved in a very short time

  • if you wish to be a member of our Association mention it in the registration form for this purpose. 

  • Once registered via your email address, you will be automatically informed of each event.

Thank you for understanding

AAJST Standing Committee

AAJST president

what is AAJST

  • We are an African organization of traditional games and sports.

  • It is composed of national or regional organizations of sports and cultural associations.

  • It brings together many volunteers from all walks of life, with the experience, knowledge and expertise of our diversified African traditional cultural and sports heritage.

What are we looking for

Our goals are the management, promotion, development and defense of traditional African sports and games all over the world.


The AAJST aims to promote the expansion and practice of traditional African sports and games and to perpetuate the values of this intangible cultural heritage.

Because it's everyone's business

Because the promotion, the valorization and the safeguarding of the African culture is our business at all.


Working together to recognize traditional games and sports in order to develop the mutual trust of the African people, the potential of our own culture.


Take part in the organization of international meetings


Sharing our ideas and projects by developing studies and research for the benefit of a revival of African sports and games.


In the end, make our cultural heritage more alive by organizing different events throughout Africa and elsewhere.